Medserv Informationsdienst
  Clinical Trails
We manage your clinical trials as monitors or study coordinators. We can prove long-time experience in oncology, immunology, opthalmology. We are very familiar with various e-CRF and IVRS systems.
Blood sample management is included in the service. We have experience with shipping of blood samples to central laboratories (Covance, Icon, Quest etc). GCP and IATA certificates are present.

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Recent Projects:
  • TargetAMD (EU, ocular gene therapy)
  • MK-1439 Doravirine (ART-Naive)
  • GS-US-292-0109 and GS-US-292-0104
  • START (CHIP Denmark);
  • Protea' TMC114IFD3003
  • Dolutegravir NPP
  • CHECKMATE (BMS CA201-171)
  • BMS IDEATE CA184-156
  • BI Lux-Lung8 BI1200.125 + Afatinib 1200.55
  • AZ Atlantic D4191C00003